Our passion

We are market leaders and our products are top of the line.

If you expected to read this, maybe you don’t know us enough and we have something more to tell you.
The history of our company is the story of a family that has been rolling up its sleeves for 50 years.
Back in the 1968, between the aftermath of the Italian economic miracle and the movements of renewal and revolution by new fringes of young people full of hope, Michele Petta fielded all his intuition and resourcefulness giving birth to a company specialized in the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery.

Each goal represents for us a springboard to new goals.

Commitment and enthusiasm

We have increasingly specialized in the construction of machines for the protection of crops and plants, for the processing of the soil and green spaces.


The quality of the products is our flagship, recognized by hundreds of customers who have already chosen us throughout Italy.


Do you have a specific need? We evaluate it and propose the product that best meets your needs.

Environmental protection

Petta GP puts sustainability at the heart of its business. We realize agricultural machines studied paying attention to the environmental impact.

From 1968 to the present

We work hard to make our machines more innovative and avant-garde, diversifying production according to the Italian and foreign market and above all we proudly carry out the Made in Italy. Our machines are produced in Italy and meet the standards of excellence of our country.

We consider ourselves artisans of the trade, we put our arms and our face in the work we do because we know how important it is to create with all of you a relationship of trust that lasts over time.
This is why our sales network reaches you everywhere, not only with salesbut also with consulting and assistance services.

To thank you for your trust and the satisfaction that you express daily, we have also increased our online services. On ourwebsite and on our Facebook page we try to dialogue with you in a sincere and above all useful way. Not only do we give you industry information, news on calls, discounts, funding, but we also put at your disposal the free service “The expert responds” to give a competent answer to all your doubts.

This is our history to this day. If you are already part of it, you are an important and essential part of what we have built, if you do not know us yet, we hope to start with you a profitable and durable collaboration.
And then you will make us leaders in the market and make our products the top of the industry.

Giuseppe and Vincenzo Petta