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The history of our company is the story of a family that has been rolling up its sleeves for 50 years.
Back in the 1968, between the aftermath of the Italian economic miracle and the movements of renewal and revolution by new fringes of young people full of hope, Michele Petta fielded all his intuition and resourcefulness giving birth to a company specialized in the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery.

Our products


Trinciatutto serie Q5


Shredder series REX

ECO MUSTANG – Road Homologated Trailed Atomizers

STORM – Road Homologated Towed Atomizers

NEW GENERATION – Road Homologated Trailed Atomizers

BIFLUX – Trailed Atomizers

EVOLUTION – Trailed Atomizers

VINEYARD – Trailed Atomizers


Our services

Constant technological research


We can customize our machines to ensure maximum performance according to your needs.


Our consultants will guide you in choosing the best product, identifying the solution tailored for you.


We guarantee dedicated pre and post sales assistance, to always respond in real time to your every doubt or need.

We know how to manage the customer



We listen to your needs, evaluate your goals and propose customized professional solutions.



We do not sell pre-packaged products, we customize our machines to offer you always unique and performing pieces.



We do not offer only solutions, you can count on our team of experts ready to solve any problem or malfunction

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