Guide to buying an atomizer

In Agriculture, the threats of pests, of an animal or vegetable nature, have increasingly pushed farmers to use pesticides, distributed through atomizers or sprayers. In fact, it is estimated that every year about 25% of crops are lost due to the attacks of these pathogens.

These risks have led, over the years, to analyze through the study of pesticides new solutions to protect crops and investments. The increasing use of these phytosanitary solutions has led the Italian legislation, through the DL 65/2003, to regulate its use.

The use and purchase of plant protection products, and the subsequent use of these machines, however, requires a rating, regulated by DL 150/12 (Art 24 c. 1), under penalty of a fine.

The distribution on the fields takes place through the use of a special agricultural spraying machinery, ie the atomizer. This tool uses a tank that mixes in variable parts, depending on the need of the farmer, water and plant protection substance.

The distribution is then carried out by means of a pump and a fan according to the needs of the farmer and his land. In fact, the choice of this important tool varies according to important factors, which if poorly analyzed can lead to a wrong purchase and a yield that does not meet the needs of the farmer.

Among the most important factors are:

  • Dimensioni del terreno
  • Type of crop
  • Distance between trees
  • Air humidity
  • Tractor power

Precisely for these factors every farmer must carefully choose the machine to rely on in order to obtain the best possible yield for his harvest.

The categories of atomizers on the market

There are two main categories of atomizers:

  • Mounted atomizers
  • Trailed atomizers

The portato atomizer connects to the tractor by means of a three-point coupling and consists of a tank, with a capacity that oscillates from 200 to 800 liters according to need. The indispensable factor for the correct distribution of the agrodrug is the fan apparatus, which can be of the following type:

  • axial (ranging from a diameter of 500 to 1000 mm):
  • centrifugal

To the fan apparatus is added the choice of the pump unit, which can be distinguished in turn in:

  • aluminum
  • brass

The trailed atomizer differs for the greater capacity of the tank (from 500 to 3000 liters), for the fan apparatus, which are distinguished in turn in:

  • axial (ranging from a diameter of 500 to 1000 mm):
  • centrifugal

To the fan apparatus is added the choice of the pump unit, which can be distinguished in turn in:

  • aluminum
  • brass

In addition to the connection to the tractor, which takes place through a big eye, or hook, appropriately fixed to the structure of the atomizer.

What atomizers to choose according to your tractor

On the market there are different types of spraying machinery, and also the atomizer is a tool that has a wide range of products on the market, according to the most diverse requests.

The choice of atomizer is linked to the power of the tractor. In principle, the following parameters tend to be followed:

  • For tractors up to 45 horsepower, sprayers from 200 to 400 liters with axial fans from 500 to 700 mm or 500 liters trailed atomizers are suggested
  • For tractors from 50 to 70 horses we suggest sprayers from 400 to 500 liters with axial fans from 500 to 800 mm, or centrifugal, depending on the type of crops or trailed atomizers from 600 to 1000 liters
  • For tractors from 75 to 120 horses are suggested atomizers increased from 500 to 800 liters with axial fans from 700 to 1000 mm, or centrifugal, depending on the type of crops or atomizers pulled from 1000 to 2000 liters
  • For tractors of more than 120 HP, 3000 L trailed atomizers with 1000 mm fans or high performance centrifuges are suggested

Which fan apparatus to choose according to your crops

The choice of the fan apparatus is fundamental for an optimal result. As previously seen, the choice depends on the type of crop to be sprayed.

It is suggested to follow the scheme below:

  • For low-stem crops (3-5 meters): fan systems from 500 to 700 mm
  • For medium stem crops (5-6 meter): 800 mm fans
  • For medium-tall crops (7-8 meters): 900 mm fans
  • For high-stem crops (9-12 meters): 1000 mm fans
  • For crops over 12 meters (poplars, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.): fan apparatus with centrifugal impeller and cannon head
  • for greenhouses, open field crops (where possible): fan equipment with impeller and long range centrifuge

The performance and absorption of the fan equipment can undergo major changes in the same size depending on the supplier and/ or design upstream. For these reasons, the results of spraying obtained could vary considerably.

No less important is to be able to obtain a customized machine that can help the farmer to reduce drift, reducing the waste of the chemical that often does not hit the target or hits it in a way not optimal with consequent advantages of economic nature in the management of the enterprise.

The personalization of the operating machines, moreover, helps the agricultural entrepreneur not to contaminate any areas of production of Bio food, that are of own property or of convicini, also can help to not contaminate urban areas in the vicinity of culture media.