Shredder series PTAR SUPER


Shredder series PTAR SUPER

  • 3-point universal connection of the lift
  • Very sturdy shell with 4 sets of counterknives
  • 194 mm rotor
  • Very robust supports
  • Robust universal bats
  • Gearbox with built-in freewheel
  • Transmission with side timing belts
  • 194 mm adjustable rear roller
  • Safety protection
  • Lateral displacement up to 70 cm
  • Gimbal
Optional accessories
  • Adjustable front wheels
  • Gearbox with dual freewheel incorporated mandatory for tractors with rear guide.
  • Counter case in Hardox

Ideal for tractors with reverse drive or front drive from 70 to 120 hp, with 70 cm displacement. Structure suitable for chopping large pruning residues up to 10-11 cm, grass,

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