Do I need specific permits and/or licences to drive the agricultural tractor?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

For driving the agricultural tractor, on the road, you need first the driving license, it is appropriate to highlight that the license is NOT a license, is a professional qualification that is theoretically required during a check on compliance with company safety rules, workplace due to an accident.

The driving licence is not sufficient to fulfil the obligation to obtain the specific licence for the driving of agricultural tractors, because, while the driving licence covers aspects related to road traffic, the licence refers to specific rules and to the correct conduct of mechanical vehicles in the workplace.

Therefore, from 1 January 2016, it is appropriate to have, for the purposes of any checks, in the course of road traffic, not only the driving licence but also the entitlement to use the tractor which can be replaced by a self-certification in case of possession of two-year experience in the use of the tractor, waiting to attend the refresher course by the March 13rd 2017.