Has the 2018 Land Registry database been updated with Crop Changes?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

In relation to the provisions of Article 2, paragraph 33, of Decree-Law no. 262, converted with amendments by Law no. 286, and subsequent amendments, it is known that, for the cadastral municipalities, the operations of updating the cadastral database have been completed.

These operations were carried out on the basis of the content of the declarations made by the interested parties, in 2017, to the paying agencies, approved for the purpose of paying agricultural contributions, and made available by the Agency for payments in agriculture (Agea).

The lists of plots affected by the update, that is, of each portion of parcel with different culture, indicating the cadastral quality, the class, the area and the land and agricultural incomes, as well as the deduction symbol where present, can be consulted:

Ø In each municipality concerned,

Ø In the offices of the competent Provincial Offices -Territory of the Revenue Agency

Ø It shall be published on the Agency’s website.

The appeals referred to in Article 2, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree no. 546 and subsequent amendments, against the change in income, may be brought before the Provincial Tax Commission responsible for the territory.