How do I store agricultural fuels?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

The deposits of flammable liquids and fuels for agricultural use, are subject to the control of the fire prevention service (Fire Brigade) in compliance with Ministerial Decree 16-02-1982, if their capacity exceeds 25,000 l.

With deposits greater than this volume it is necessary to apply for the fire prevention certificate which has a duration of 3 years, after which it must be renewed.

Fixed deposits not subject to control by the Fire Department, but kept under the responsibility of the owner of the activity are deposits that must comply with the following legal provisions: – the maximum permitted quantities of flammable liquids for petrol must not exceed 5 m3 and for lubricating oils 20 m3; they must be equipped with a containment basin equal to at least their capacity; an air intake having an area equal to at least 1/40 of the floor area of the room must be provided; they cannot be equipped with a petrol station and therefore the direct refueling of the vehicles is forbidden; the gasoline must be stored in 20 Liters homologated baskets.

The following particulars of the manufacturer, the year of construction, the capacity, the thickness and the material of construction and the design pressure of the shell and the cavity shall be indicated on the plate affixed to the shell in a clearly visible position.

The decree also provides for an annual check by the tenant of the functionality of the devices, to ensure containment and leak detection.