How do mobile roof systems for vineyards and ceraseti work, and who makes them?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

Farmers know that, “fixed covers” can create in particular conditions, a microclimate conducive to the development of mushrooms.

The fight against these pathogens is made increasingly difficult by the application of the regulations on plant protection products, which is why it is increasingly necessary to find technological alternatives.

A possible alternative are the systems of “mobile coverage proposed by a very innovative company. From Chile, in fact, comes Wayki, a Chilean company that makes “mobile covers” for ceraseti and vineyards. The South American company has developed a type of plant that, by means of steel cables stretched over the plants, allows to open and close the cover quickly and quickly. In this way the covers can be extended in anticipation of adverse weather events and closed, when in sunny days to facilitate the aeration of the vegetation.

The system can only be operated by one operator as the rewind is mechanized.