How should I store plant protection products in the plant protection storage?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

The room used for storage can be obtained in a suitable masonry environment or through the delimitation/ closure with metal mesh of a part of an existing warehouse. Rooms/ parts of rooms and/or structures (e.g. cabinets) that are not fire resistant (e.g. wood, insulation, etc.) are not suitable.
Good lighting and ventilation must be ensured in the warehouse. On the entrance door of the warehouse must be exposed appropriate signs of danger “Poisonous Substances”, “Flammable Substances” and prohibition “Access to Strangers”.
The floor and the walls of the Warehouse must be smooth with non-absorbent material and possibly also washable. In the vicinity of the door, a kerb shall be provided to form a containment basin with the floor and walls in the event of leakage and/or spillage of product.
In the case of dedicated cabinets, a suitable containment basin must be provided under the cabinet itself.
The internal shelves must be of washable and non-absorbent material and have no sharp edges to avoid damaging the packages of pesticides.
Store the powdered products on the shelves above the liquid ones or in a separate way so that any leakage of liquid products does not contaminate the powdered ones. Always store the products in their original packaging tightly closed. Any damaged containers must be placed in an intact over-container on which is applied appropriate label identifying the product Keep separately and well identified obsolete pesticides (expired, revoked, etc.).