I have problems with the leaf cecidomia on the olive tree, a big attack with deformed leaves and many galls. What procedure to follow? Is the attack big with 7/8 leaf galls, intervene or wait? Do you have products indicated for my problem?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

Currently there are no products registered for the control of this adversity for which the defense, must be performed by exploiting the collateral effectiveness of the products registered on the crop and applied for the control of other targets such as Moscow (B. oleae) and the Cochineal half a grain of pepper.

The best time to perform the treatments is in April, in the period when the young leaves are attacked, given the important attack of this insect reported by you, witnessed by the presence of galls, in which the larva of Dasineura oleae develops it would be appropriate to intervene immediately, using in association the cypermethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) and the Buprofezin, the recommended doses are 100 gr /100 l.