What are the conditions that exclude me from access to the reserve and which allow me to access

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

Access to the national reserve as a young farmer and as a new farmer is allowed only once and the request for access as a young farmer excludes the possibility of submitting an application for access as a new farmer, and vice versa.

Moreover, the use of these two cases is allowed only once even if the farmer makes a request for access to the reserve as a natural person and a request for access as a representative of a legal person engaged in the activity of which you exercise control and for which you use your requirements in order to gain access.

Farmers holding land in areas with specific handicaps under EU EAFRD regulation may apply for compensation for specific handicaps.

For the same area, access shall be granted only once, even if the area is transferred for any reason between farmers.

Where licences are allocated from the reserve to avoid abandonment of land or to compensate for specific handicaps, access to the reserve shall be granted only once for the same area, while for different areas the request for access to the reserve to avoid the abandonment of land does not exclude the possibility of access for the compensation of specific advantages and vice versa. The request for access can only be considered accepted if the request is granted.