What is meant by “small farmer”?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and Agea have taken all the necessary measures to simplify as much as possible the so-called “small farmers” regime defined by the new European Common Agricultural Policy.

The advantages for the small farmer are: less bureaucracy and cut administrative formalities, exemption from greening and cross-compliance.

Since 2016, it has not been necessary to resubmit the application in case there were no company changes.

In order to facilitate the accession to the new simplified system, all farmers who in 2015 received an estimated aid of less than EUR 1250 were automatically included in the “small farmers scheme” and will thus continue to receive the same aid without further fulfillment until 2020.

Even those entitled to aid in excess of EUR 1,250, could choose to opt for the simplified system, applying for it by 15 October 2015 to Agea or the regional paying agencies, according to the operational modalities that were available on the sites of the entities.

Small farmers no longer waste time and resources on administrative tasks. If nothing changes in the company they will receive aid until 2020 without further questions.

It should be noted that those who have not joined the small farmers scheme by 15 October 2015 will no longer have access to it.

The participating farmer may decide to withdraw from the small farmers scheme in a year after 2015, but will no longer be able to return.

Throughout his or her participation in the scheme, the farmer shall:

Ø Maintain at least the number of eligible hectares declared in the 2015 single application

Ø maintain the status of active farmer.

On the other hand, it may:

Ø be exempted from greening practices

Ø not be subject to cross-compliance penalties

Ø maintain the payment entitlements until they leave the scheme.

The payment shall replace all payments to which the farmer would be entitled for the 2015 application by:

Ø basic payment (payment entitlements)

Ø greening

Ø payment for young farmers

Ø coupled support

The amounts relating to provisional payment entitlements shall be available to farmers from the paying agencies or the reference agricultural assistance centres.

Each farmer can check his position directly by accessing the site www.sian.it, by going to the Services section, then in consultation and finally on Public Consultation Outcome of the calculation of titles 2015-2020 or in their reserved area Sian, in the Register of entitled persons.

Farmers participating in the “small farmers scheme”will continue to receive the amount received for the 2015 marketing year until 2020 (with a slight reduction following the corresponding reduction in the annual budget for direct payments).

If instead the registered “small farmer” decides to remain in the ordinary system, could have made an explicit request by 15 October 2015 in accordance with the operating procedures established by the individual paying agencies or with the support of the Agricultural Assistance Centres