Who can I contact to report problems related to the use of plant protection products?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

The supervision of the correct use of pesticides in agriculture is mainly the responsibility of the Department of Prevention of the territorially competent ASL.

The regulation on the use of plant protection products in urban centres or in the vicinity of built-up areas is the responsibility of the municipalities, therefore citizens can contact their municipality to request information on the existence and application of local rules.

Farmers must, however, comply with existing national rules and take general precautions to protect the health of operators and third parties.

If there are obvious violations of the legislation, you can contact the ASL responsible for the territory or the police generally responsible for the control on the territory: Municipal Police, State Forestry Corps, Carabinieri of the Environmental Protection Command or the Health Protection Command.

With regard to the system of controls on plant health, the National Health Service makes use of various bodies at central and local level for supervisory activities.

At the territorial level, the Regions operate official control activities, with the services of the Departments of Prevention of the Department of Health and AA.SS.LL., and the Command of the Carabinieri for the Protection of the Environment and Health.

As part of this system for the official control of food, prepared by the Regional Department of Health Policies on Ministerial and European guidelines, the ARPA exclusively carries out analytical control activities in the laboratory, through the Chemical Laboratory of the Food Specialization Center, for the verification of the quantities of plant protection products contained in food and compliance with LRM (Maximum Residue Limits) defined by European Regulations. (Reg. 396/05 e s. m. i).