What are the costs for performing the functional verification of sprayers? Where can I find the list of authorised repair shops?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

With DGR n.257 of 8 March 2016, the maximum prices (excluding VAT) applicable for the performance of the functional control and regulation of the sprayers were fixed from € 30.00 up to € 150.00 for atomizers and spray bars depending on the type of sprayer.

The test centres may arbitrarily determine the cost to be attributed to the service provided, thus lower prices are found than those indicated by the DGR.

With regard to the research of the test center c/o to which to carry out the functional verification, my personal invitation is to be wary of excessively low costs that may conceal a non-professional and inefficient verification

The functional control of a professional sprayer consists of that set of checks and controls, carried out by “approved test centres” with appropriate equipment and according to a specific method, to evaluate the correct functionality of the components of a sprayer.

The functional verification can also be associated with the adjustment or calibration of the sprayer that allows you to precisely define the distribution and homogeneous coverage of the active substance on the crop.

It also offers several advantages:

Ø savings in plant protection products (and therefore in money),

Ø time savings (thanks to reduced volumes),

Ø accurately distribute the volumes and quantities of product desired,

Ø avoid harmful forms of environmental pollution,

Ø Achieve higher level of operator safety.

You can consult the list of authorized test centers in the Region of Puglia, by clicking on the ENAMA www.enama.it website, in the “SPRAYER CONTROL” section, under “From the Region“, selecting the “Puglia Region” and “Test Centers”.