What is the Farmers Bonus 2017, how does it work and what are the requirements for being able to use it?

edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marrone

The 2017 Budget Law provides important benefits for agricultural enterprises, first of all, the possibility of benefiting from a 2017 hiring bonus with reduced agricultural contributions INPS for 5 years, in order to facilitate professional farmers (IAP) and young direct farmers (Cd).

The bonus is for 5 years and provides for exemption from the payment of compulsory social security contributions INPS in the agricultural sector.

The new bonus provides for farmers and direct farmers to be exempted from the payment of INPS contributions for 5 years: total exemption for the first 3 and then 66% in the fourth year and 50% in the fifth.

The exemption of INPS contributions for IAP and direct growers, is from 1 January 2017.

The benefit is granted to young self-employed farmers who start their activity or enroll in the Agricultural Welfare Management of the INPS during 2017.

Registered PAHs may also access the facility during 2016 but only if they manage the activity in mountain areas or crisis areas.